Dream of: 10 August 2003 "Tinge Of A Smile"

For the second weekend in a row, Carolina and I had taken Louise on a little trip with us. I was trying to be nice to Louise she seemed so out of sorts. At present, the three of us were sitting in front of three computers, each of us with our own. We were sitting at the same table I was in the middle, Carolina on my left and Louise on my right.

The table had a white cloth spread over it and our computers were sitting on the cloth. In my space, all around my keyboard, I had crammed in various little knick-knacks. From Louise's demeanor, I gathered that my clutter was bothering her. Admittedly some of my baubles had encroached on her space. I moved a few items back from her area as I tried to cajole a smile from her dour mien. I wanted to make her happy she seemed so sad; she hadn't smiled once either last weekend or this weekend.

After I had given her some more space, she moved a little tin can with colorful pictures on it all the way to the border of our space, to indicate that I should not trespass past that point. I turned to Carolina and jokingly commented, "You see what I'm talking about."

Just the slightest tinge of a smile might have crossed Louise's face maybe not. She turned her attention back to her screen, ignoring me. Nevertheless, she was here, and I was glad. Maybe I could yet make her smile.

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