Dream of: 09 August 2003 (3) "Older, Shorter, Heavier"

Just as Carolina and I walked into a video rental store, she tried to point out to me a woman whom she thought she recognized. I was unable to see the woman, however, especially since my attention was drawn to someone else entering the store: Louise.

Louise looked at me and continued walking. I almost did the same; but instead, I stepped up to her and said hello. She seemed uncertain what to do, whether to ignore me or respond. She stopped, half smiled, and returned my greeting. I sputtered a few more words something about her not talking to me. She retorted that she had just now spoken to me.

She had definitely aged since I had last seen her. She looked as if she were in her early 40s. She seemed shorter and she had put on some weight. She was dressed in dull gray colors; she might have had a fur piece around her collar.

She seemed in a hurry. When I told her I would like to talk more to her, she quipped that I could call her at her office and make an appointment. She excused herself and walked away.

Carolina and I continued our browsing, but I kept my eye on Louise and watched her when she finally walked out to her car. She boarded a modest little dark blue car. I noted Vernon wasn't with her. I had heard he and she had separate law offices. Had they divorced? Probably. I also noted her mother Vivian wasn't with her. Had she died? Probably. Louise probably had no one now. She was probably all alone.

I was glad I had seen her. Should I call her at her office? If so, I should do it immediately. I doubted I would.

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