Dream of: 09 August 2003 (2) "Page"

I had gone to visit a woman whom I had recently met. Several people were crowded around the entrance to her house and I had to squeeze past them to reach her. She was sitting alone on the floor in a back room. I also sat down on the floor.

Her name was Page. She had blonde hair. She was attractive, but not beautiful. She was a college student, and I was in graduate school. We had only met a couple times before, and we hadn't talked much. I had decided, however, that I wanted to know her better. Thus, after we had talked for a short while, I asked her if she would like to go out with me some time. She seemed pleased that I had asked. She said something about how formal I was apparently most men who wanted to go out with her just showed up without asking. She equated my asking her to giving her flowers.

She said she would go out with me. I asked her whether she would like to go on Friday or Saturday.

We scooted closer together. I felt drawn to her, and I had the feeling she felt the same toward me. Still on the floor, we lay next to each other, put our arms around each other and hugged. Our actions seemed completely natural, as if we were meant for each other. An intense feeling of well-being swept over me. We barely knew each other, yet I felt we might be destined to spend our lives together. Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe she was a loose woman and I was just another in a long line of me in her life. I hoped not. This feeling of closeness was so pleasurable, I only hoped we would stay together forever.

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