Dream of: 08 August 2003 (2) "Too Much Baggage"

I was standing in an alley with several other people. We were all heading from one bus station to another to catch a bus. I was having difficulty because I had so many things with me. I laid them down in the alley and realized I was going to have to get rid of something. I simply couldn't carry everything. I had a back pack and a blanket as well as several other bags and sacks I counted six pieces altogether. I quickly decided to leave behind a brown paper bag of pop bottles. I had intended to get refunds for the bottles, but now I simply couldn't carry them.

I put the back pack on my back. I would definitely keep it. I might also be able to carry the blanket on my back. Now I would have to decide what else to take.

The other people started walking on. The bus would be leaving soon. I hollered to them to wait for me I didn't want to be left here alone. But they continued on. I had to make a decision quickly about what to leave and what to take, or I was going to miss my bus.

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