Dream of: 08 August 2003 "Alligators In The Creek"

I was standing In the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse, looking out the window down at Symmes Creek. A long slender animal slithered out of a tree and into he creek; probably a meter long. It seemed to grow in the water and turned into a long alligator about three meters long. A second alligator of the same length appeared. The two of them lay on the bank next to each other. I needed the binoculars to see better or maybe my small telescope. I looked around an found two pair of black binoculars in the kitchen. One was slightly bigger than the other. I picked up the big one.

Before I could return to the front room, someone came to door. I opened the door; a postman and his assistant walked in. The assistant was an attractive woman (in her early 20s). I immediately liked her. They had three small packages for me which I had to sign for. I had to also write the date on the outside of the packages. The packages contained some little collectible items.

As I was writing, the assistant woman noticed a box containing a computer program sitting on a shelf in the room. The program was one I no longer used. She asked about it and I told her she could have it. It was some kind of learning program. I told her I usually ended up junking nine out of ten programs which I bought.

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