Dream of: 07 August 2003 "The Dentist"

Carolina was driving a car in which I was seat in the front passenger seat and Paz was sitting in the back. We were sitting still; in front of us was a car. Barely perceptibly, our car began drifting toward the rear of the car in front of us. I hollered to Carolina to put on the brakes. She seemed to be trying to do so, but our car didn't stop. She said something back to me which I couldn't understand. Our car nudged into the car in front; but we didn't stop; our car kept pushing and pushing until finally Carolina was able to stop our car.

I was upset with Carolina; why hadn't she stopped? I jumped out of our car to assess the damage. Carolina also stepped out and walked over to me. I felt like grabbing her by the hair and shaking her. My feelings ameliorated somewhat, however, when she explained that she hadn't be able to reach the brakes with her feet and that she had been hollering to me to push on the brakes.

I walked toward the car we had hit; only now did I realize the other car was hitched to a pickup truck  pulling the car. The car appeared to have already been damaged in a previous accident. I followed as the truck pulled the car over to the side and parked at the rear of a commercial garage. Some men speaking Spanish gathered around the car and looked it over. I also looked at the car; I could see no damage from where Carolina had hit it. Nevertheless, I didn't feel that we could leave until I had spoken with the owner.

I tried unsuccessfully to discuss the matter with the Spanish-speaking men; but they only directed me to an office at the end of the garage. I told Carolina to wait with Paz in the car, that I would be back as quickly as I could.

I walked into the office, which I discovered to be a dentist's office, and learned that the car belonged to the dentist. He stepped into the room and I greeted him. He was about 40 years old, black-haired, tall and thin. He acted as if the car weren't a problem and that I didn't need to worry about it.

Relieved, I mentioned that I needed to have my teeth examined one of my molar teeth seemed to have a crack in it. I figured I probably needed an x-ray. He told me to go into an examination room and he would come in to see me. I walked into the room and sat down in the dentist's chair.

I waited and waited, growing increasingly concerned about Carolina and Paz sitting out there in the car. Finally I realized I had been in here for almost an hour. Infuriated, I jumped up, walked back into the front office and demanded of one of the nurses to see the dentist. She indicated that he was busy in another room. I became even angrier; I couldn't wait any longer. I headed toward the door.

Just as I was leaving, however, the dentist walked into the room, also headed toward the door to leave. He was wearing a mottled gray and black sweater. I stepped up to him and demanded to know why he had left me waiting. He acted as if he didn't even recognized me and he denied that he had left me in the room. I was furious. I called him an "asshole."

We walked outside. Now I was worried again about the accident. If the dentist was denying he knew me, he might later say I had left the scene of an accident without leaving any information. While I was pondering the dilemma, he slipped away and disappeared.

I headed back through the garage toward my car. I felt bad about having left Carolina and Paz for so long.

I was carrying a cell phone with me. I put it to me ear to see if I had any messages I had two. The first one was unimportant. The second was from a woman who wanted to file bankruptcy. She said the bankruptcy would include a business she owned called "Melanie's Realty." She didn't want to file for several months yet. I was uncertain I would want to represent her; I hadn't handled any bankruptcy case in quite a while and was uncertain I wanted to begin again.

I continued walking toward the car, still uncertain whether we would be able to leave yet.

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