Dream of: 05 August 2003 "Too Many Bears"

Carolina and I had acquired a couple brown bears, and those bears in turn had produced cubs, so that we now had 24 bears, mostly cubs. Obviously we couldn't keep all these bears but what could we do with them? We were living in a forested area which was part of the capital city of this area. I thought perhaps we could just turn the bears loose, but I learned that doing so was a crime.

Carolina and I walked down a little hill from our house and encountered a woman we knew at the bottom. She suspected our problem with the bears, and we confirmed to her what had happened. She had previously warned us against having more bears; but now she was willing to try to help us.

I looked back at the path we had descended; a couple bears had followed us, only they looked like Dalmatian dogs instead of bears. One was lying in the middle of the path looking at us. They were so lovable; we would have to make sure they weren't harmed when we found a place for them.

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