Dream of: 04 August 2003 "Book Without Words"

People were milling around a spacious room; chairs and couches crowded the periphery. I took a seat in an easy chair. Two young girls walked up to me and handed me a flat book about a half meter tall. One girl was probably about 10 and the other probably about 12. I opened the book. It was filled with colorful pictures like a comic book; but it had no words. After a moment I realized the girls thought I was the author of the book and they wanted me to autograph it for them. The first name of the author was Jimmy. Did they also want me to read it? How could I read it without any words.

The older girl pointed out that I had a vial of pills lying by my leg. I had found the vial earlier and had put it in my pocket and then had stuck it down the chair when I had sat down. The pills didn't belong to me and I was afraid someone would think they were mine and I would have problem. I would like to just push the vial further down the seat, but I was afraid I would leave fingerprints on it or even DNA. I pushed the vial back into my picket and stood up. I walked toward the back of the room toward a restroom (thinking I would dispose of the pills there), but the door to the restroom was locked. I turned back around toward the people in the room. It seemed that this place might even have something to do with drug rehabilitation and many if not all these people were trying to get off drugs. I certainly didn't want them to think I was taking drugs. I needed to get rid of the vial.

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