Dream of: 02 August 2003 "Under Arrest"

The night before, I had bought and taken some LSD. I had bought 100 white tablets of the drug, but I had only taken one. The rest I had left with Ramo to keep for me.

The LSD had been excellent; the trip had been intense, but not so intense that I had lost control or become frightened. I had been particularly satisfied with the purity of the LSD. I was glad I had bought so much; now I needed to retrieve the rest from Ramo.

Carolina went with me to Ramo's house to fetch the rest of the tablets. We were greeted at the door by Ramo and we walked into the living room. Fifteen or twenty people were lolling about inside. I became a bit uneasy that so many people were here. And when Ramo told me he couldn't retrieve the LSD for me right now, I became more uneasy. Why had I been so unthinking as to leave the tablets with Ramo?

I tried to persuade him. I told him I would give him a tablet if he would get the rest for me. I told him it was better than "Sunshine" (referring to a kind of LSD know as "Orange Sunshine"), but Ramo said he had never taken any "Sunshine." I extolled the purity of the drug. It was so good, I thought the next time I might take two tablets instead of one.

Ramo seemed swayed, and finally he pulled out a sleeping bag which contained my tablets rolled up in it. I pulled out one and handed it to him. Carolina and I took the bag over to the side, opened it, and on our knees we examined the remaining tablets. I quickly saw a problem: many of the tablets were broken. Some didn't even look like the original tablets. I quickly counted them as well as I could and concluded that only about 20 tablets remained.

I stood up. I needed to find Ramo. I feared I would never retrieve the missing tablets, but I had to try. Carolina remained with the sleeping bag while I headed toward a door to another room. Just as I reached the door, a black man stepped up next to me. He was probably in his mid 20s. He stopped me and said, "You're under arrest."

I looked at him and blurted, "For what?"

Of course I knew for what: he had clearly seen the tablets. He was wearing a badge on his shirt, high up close to his neck. He seemed a bit unsure of himself maybe I could talk him out of this but I doubted it.

I looked back at Carolina; another black man was talking to her, probably also a police officer. So now I even had her involved in this. I tried to think of a way out. I could claim that I hadn't actually possessed the LSD, that I had only been counting it. But I doubted that would work. I was in a serious fix. This little episode could have serious negative long-term implications.

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