Dream of: 01 August 2003 "Visiting Jerusalem"

I was standing on a street in Jerusalem, holding several checks in my hand. I had just arrived and I hadn't yet found a place to stay, although I had visited the hotel in front of which I was now standing. The owners of the hotel were sitting in a car next to me; they had brought one of the checks out to me, a cashier's check. I spoke to the woman sitting in the passenger seat through the window of her car, and asked her if she could cash the cashier's check. She said she would when she returned, and then they rode off.

I looked more closely at the cashier's check. It had a fee on it for $22 and some cents. Apparently the bank had charged me this outrageous fee simply for sending me the check. I had no choice but to pay it I needed the money.

I also had a couple more personal checks for $500 each. I doubted the hotel would cash those; but I might as well try. I wanted to stay in Jerusalem a while, and if it meant I would have to use some of my money, I would simply have to do it.

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