Dream of: 31 July 2003 "Articles Of Incorporation"

I had met a lawyer (probably in his early 60s) who was letting me use some space in his office. For the last couple days I would simply come into the office and sit at a table. I hadn't been hired to do anything, but I rather enjoyed being in a law office again.

The lawyer was a solo practitioner and was probably thinking of retiring soon. He was always dressed in a suit.

Today one of his clients walked into the office and sat down at a table near me. He also was probably in his early 60s a portly man dressed in a suit. The attorney walked into the room and told me that the client needed to form a corporation for a business in which the client was involved, and the attorney asked me if I would explain to the client what he needed to do.

I was pleased that the attorney was calling on me. Although I hadn't set up a corporation in many years, I thought I still remembered the basics. I began talking to the client, outlining the different details of a corporation. I told him he would need Articles of Incorporation, as well as Bylaws. He would need several people to be the corporate officers, and of course he could be the president. If the client desired, he could appoint the attorney as one of the corporate officers, or perhaps members of the client's family. Stock would need to be issued, of which he could retain all of it if he wanted. He would need to set up a bank account in the corporate name and deposit money in the account of fund the corporation; I figured he would need to put in about $10,000, the amount needed to start the business in which he was involved. And of course he would also have to pay corporate taxes.

I thought I had covered about everything. I was pleased that I remembered so well the various details of setting up a corporation. Maybe if I simply spent time here in the office, work would come to me and I could gradually begin doing legal work again. The lawyer hadn't actually hired me to set up the corporation, but he probably would. Maybe other lawyers would also hire me to do work for them. The prospects were attractive.


I had left the office for a short while and then returned. As I pushed open the door to walk in, I was startled to see the office in utter disarray. Furniture was overturned and paper strewn all about. Lying in the floor in the middle of the room, was a woman, probably the secretary, face down, with a bloody bullet would in the middle of her back.

Why was this happening to me? I had been ready to try to start working again, to try to live a normal life. Now, obviously, the whole idea was ruined I would never be able to work here after this. A sick feeling passed over me.

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