Dream of: 28 July 2003 "Fast Superman Method"

always improve your power

In a mammoth labyrinthine building, I had encountered a woman who was an expert on flying. She belonged to a group of flyers and she even gave lessons. She looked about 30 years old and was dressed all in white. She didn't smile and she didn't even say anything - she simply listened as I made a few remarks.

She was ready to fly through the winding hallways of the building and I was also ready. I had some expertise in flying myself, although I could certainly use some instruction. Uncertain how to even begin, I asked her if it were best to simply hop up into the air when taking off.

She didn't respond she simply lifted off the ground and began floating down the corridor. Mimicking her motions, I followed. We flew in a standing position, even though I knew the fastest way to fly was lying flat, Superman-style. It was my understanding that she was an expert in the fast Superman method.

We continued along and picked up speed, until we came to a group of people waiting to pass through some turnstiles. My companion simply flew past them, but I had a little more trouble, somehow becoming entangled in the mob, and I fell behind. By the time I made it through the turnstiles, my companion was so far ahead of me, I was uncertain I could catch up.

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