Dream of: 20 July 2003 "Hiding"

Running through a residential section of a European-looking town, looking for a place to hide soldiers were coming; they would try to capture me. Maybe someone would let me into one of these large two-story houses; but all the houses looked locked and deserted. I ran to the back of one house. A woman stood in front of me and stared at me. She was probably in her early thirties. She appeared to be the maid. I pleaded with her to give me a place to hide we could hear the soldiers coming.

She opened a door and hustled me into a small room. She pointed at the ceiling and told me to climb up through a hole. At first I only saw a small hole not big enough for me; but then I saw the piece of tin over the large hole in the ceiling and I climbed in.

Now I seemed to be watching the activity below from some relatively safe vantage point. A policeman had come to the door of the house and was looking at the woman's passport. He was friendly, talking German. The passport was German. I recognized the passport as one issued after World War II. This information disturbed me. I had been under the impression that the soldiers had been searching for Jews; but if the present time was after World War II, that would mean that the persecution of the Jews in Germans continued even after the war. This information was particularly disturbing because I was a Jew.

The policeman left without further incident. Night began to fall. People lounged in a park area near the house where I was hiding. I could see them resting in chairs along a pleasant walkway. A man began playing a saxophone. The music was exquisite. He was an excellent musician. He probably played in a symphony orchestra and sometimes played in the park for amusement. An amateur surely couldn't play so well. The music made me forget my woes.

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