Dream of: 15 July 2003 "Raccoon"

I was sitting in a classroom with 20-30 people seated at cafeteria-like tables; several people were at each table. A woman standing at the front of the room announced that we were going to be given a test in German. I was apprehensive; I seemed to have lost some of my knowledge of German and I worried about how I would fare on the test. I reflected that I had recently been talking with my attorney friend, Wheat, and he had mentioned that my German used to be so good; but now I wasn't so sure how I would do.

The test began. We were all given microscopes which we had to look into as part of the test. Again I was worried: if the test had anything to do with chemical formulas, I wouldn't do well; my knowledge of chemistry was sorely lacking.

Sitting across the table from me was Rick Dupuy (whom I first met in 1975 when we were in the 10th grade together). I hadn't seen Dupuy in many years.  I recalled how smart he had been. As he took the test, I could see his paper. I could probably even copy off him if I wanted; but I wasn't going to do that. If I failed, I would fail on my own. Besides, Dupuy seemed to be having trouble himself; he wasn't filling in the answers quickly.

I looked into my microscope and saw a picture which I was supposed to describe in German. I began writing. At first I didn't have much problem. The picture was of a jungle scene showing lush vegetation. Water was dripping down the leaves of the vegetation and I began following the flow of the water and describing it. Abruptly however I saw a couple animals in the trees. At first I couldn't discern the animals well; but then I realized they were raccoons but I couldn't remember the word for raccoon. Even worse I couldn't remember the word for the black fur across the eyes. However, next to the picture of the raccoons was the word "patch" in quotation marks. Apparently it wasn't necessary to translate this word and I could simply write "patch" in English.

I continued writing, thinking more about the test. I also thought of another test I probably should take, a heart test. I had recently been watching a television show about someone who had gone to a doctor and discovered some "blockage" in his heart. The fellow was going to need an open heart operation. I probably should also have a test to see if I had any "blockage."

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