Dream of: 13 July 2003 "1941"

I had recently taken a job in a store which sold music CD's. The shop consisted of one spacious room with CD's arranged all around the perimeter walls. Listening devices with earphones were also hooked up around the walls so customers could listen to CD's and decide which ones they wanted to buy.

A man and his wife ran the shop, but the wife was actually the one in charge; she had been the one who originally came up with the idea of the shop. They had a little office with glass windows in the room from which they could look out on the activity in the store.

I walked around the store; I had never even listened to any CD's yet. I looked for a foreign language section. I wished I could find some CD's with French music; but of course this shop concentrated on young Americans and had no foreign language section.

Since it was time for me to take a break, I left the shop and began walking around outside in Columbus, Ohio. The shop was right next to a college campus where I had recently enrolled in classes, so I began walking through the campus. I thought about my old friend, Roger Anderson; he was the one who had hooked me up with the job in the music store. I also thought of my wife Carolina. She would probably like it here; Columbus was more metropolitan than the little town in which we had been recently living; she could find interesting things to do here.

I needed to eat lunch soon. Should I find a student cafeteria somewhere on campus and eat there? Although it was almost noon, I wasn't much hungry yet. I could wait; but I had a class to attend at three o'clock. That was going to present a problem because I was also supposed to return to work at three o'clock. I would have to make a difficult choice of returning to work or going to class.

I walked to the top of a small bluff where an open-aired building was set up, somewhat like buildings in parks. A television was sitting on a stand. I lay down in front of the television and began watching. Cartoons were playing; they were in Spanish. I became absorbed in the cartoons; I understood almost all the Spanish. A couple other people walked up, watched for few minutes, and then walked on. They probably weren't interested in Spanish.

One woman, however, also lay down on he ground not far from me and began watching. She stayed for a while, they stood up to leave. As she did so, I noticed a pair of golden earrings lying next to where she had been stretched out. I picked them up, turned to the woman and asked her if the earrings were hers. She replied no. I immediately decided to keep them. As she walked off, I found several other earrings. One pair had green stones in it. Two pairs looked as if they were made of pure silver; I began looking at them closely to see if I could find some writing indicating that they were silver.

As I looked at one pair of earrings, I realized they were actually tiny boxes, perhaps marble, about a half inch in dimensions. I opened a little lid on the top of one box. Inside, written on a silver plate was a date: April something, 1941. So they were made during World War II. Inside the little box were tiny, tiny sheets of wrapping paper for presents. Odd. Maybe the paper could be used on the spur of the moment to wrap a gift while someone was traveling. I didn't have much need for them, but I would keep them anyway.

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