Dream of: 06 July 2003 "Pain And Rage"

Walking in the downtown area of a small town, I stopped in front of the display window of a store. Dozens of small items had been carefully arranged on the shelves in front of me however, I couldn't precisely make out what the items were. I thought that the store might be a beauty salon and that the items were small replicas of old beauty devices, such as antique hair dryers. As I continued perusing the items, however, I discovered all sorts of small replicas of items which had nothing to do with beauty salons. Even some small artistic sculptures were mixed in with the lot. The entire display was well-done and impressive.

I stepped further inside the small portico (still outside) near the doorway. I could see the display window on the other side of the door hadn't been completed yet. A woman (obviously the owner) was also standing outside in front of the window. She seemed to be in the process of working on the second display window. She was probably in her late 40s and had kinky hair. She somewhat reminded me of my Dallas friend, Eloise. As she sat down for a moment, her skirt raised up and I had a glimpse of her pubic area.

I stood a few minutes more, admiring the display, then turned to leave. I stopped in my tracks however; I felt like complementing the woman on her display. I turned back to her and said that I had been in many cities, and that this was one of the best displays I had ever seen. She seemed flattered; I turned and walked off.

I had only walked a short distance when a commotion from the other side of the street alerted me. The other side of the street didn't have any buildings on it. Instead, it was simply the side of a hill. All along the bottom of the hill, at the street, ran a tall wire fence. Now I saw why the fence was there: two gray elephants were enclosed by the fence on the hillside. The elephants were causing the commotion. They seemed in pain and rage. Trumpeting a screeching sound, one thundered toward the wire fence. Dramatically, the elephant leaped over the fence, about 50 meters from me.

The elephant turned toward me. Alarmed, I perceived my danger and ran around a corner. No place to hide only a fire hydrant I might squat behind. I peeked back around the corner. I couldn't see the elephant now due to a dip in the street. Maybe I could find a store I could hide in. The first store I found was closed; but the second store was open. It wasn't exactly a store just a hole in the wall, about waist high, through which refreshments were apparently served. I pulled myself into the hole and began half-crawling, half walking through a rocky tunnel which was white and lit. I thought I could hear a Hispanic woman speaking Spanish in the end of the tunnel. She must be the one who served the refreshments there. Maybe at least there I would be safe from the elephant.

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