Dream of: 02 July 2003 "Desperate"

I was desperate I was running out of money and was going to have to return to work. I had decided to start practicing law again; since criminal law was the quickest way to start making money, I had decided to start taking criminal appointments. To ensure that I would find enough work, I would go to several cities and seek appointments: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, maybe even Weatherford. I had added Houston to my list because I had recently taken up a residence in Houston.

Dressed in suit and tie, I showed up at the court house in Houston. I was standing in a huge room crowded with people. I recognized a few lawyers whom I used to know when I had practiced law. One looked exactly like Kevin Spacey. I tried to remember his name. He had aged since I had last seen him; now he looked as if he were in his late 40s. If he had been practicing criminal law all this time, he would be well versed in the subject. I, on the other hand, had forgotten so much.

People began lining up to speak to a woman behind a desk. I was unsure whether the people were criminal defendants or lawyers. I unsuccessfully tried to find out whether I should be in the line.

A judge walked into the room and took a seat behind a podium. The judge directed his attention toward a man and his attorney; the judge asked their reason for being here. The attorney began talking about his client, who apparently was having a problem with a will.

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