Dream of: 30 June 2003 "Learning Italian"

Carolina and I were standing on a street which slopped down the side of a hill. Some golf balls were lying on the nearby grass I picked one up. About 10 meters away, behind some bushes, was a golf hole. Since I didn't have a clear shot to the hole, I bounced the ball on the concrete in front of me so the ball flew over the bushes toward the hole. I couldn't see if the ball actually went into the hole.

Four or five college-aged fellows began gathering near us, also playing with the golf balls. I began talking with one he was from Italy, but he spoke English. Since he had only recently arrived in the United States, I wondered if I were the first American with whom he had talked. I thought he must surely enjoy speaking English with me I knew I would like to speak Italian with him. I thought we could talk about Dante, whom I loved so much. Unfortunately, I didn't speak Italian. Maybe it was time to start learning.

A couple of the other Italians stepped up and talked about their expertise at golf. We decided to play a game Carolina and I against two of them. As I prepared to start playing, one of the Italians (a female) stepped up close to Carolina. She was short and thin, not particularly attractive. She moved her face close to Carolina's and began kissing her. The Italian woman moved her hand toward Carolina's breasts, which were small, almost flat, touched the breasts and began rubbing her hand against them.

I was mesmerized. I thought maybe I could join in. The scene was definitely erotic and I didn't intend to stop it. 

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