Dream of: 27 June 2003 "Picasso"

My father, my mother, my sister, other members of my family and I were walking through the downtown area of an unfamiliar town. My sister had a baby with her, less than a year old, wrapped in a white blanket. One of the other members of my family was carrying the baby. We all passed by a movie theater where a movie entitled Picasso about the life of Pablo Picasso was going to be shown. Since we had some time to pass, I suggested we see the movie, and we all walked inside.

Since the movie hadn't yet started, we all took seats in the lobby. Other people showed up and the lobby was soon thronging with people. Most people seemed to be dressed in black. When the doors to the movie were finally open, the rest of my family and I stood up. We had to walk up a short flight of steps, and as I headed up, my sister slipped her arm through mine. I was surprised because she usually didn't want to be close to me; maybe her attitude toward me was beginning to thaw.

We all walked into the long movie room. I headed toward the front, trying to direct the others to follow me. We passed a dining section where chairs and tables had been set up as if in a restaurant, then continued on down to the rows of seats. Plenty of seats were still available, but they were filling up fast. I found a row of empty seats and sat down in one, indicating to the others that they should join me in that row. No sooner had I sat down, however, than I saw that our view was partially blocked by a raised platform in front of the stage. We would have to move a little farther back where the platform wouldn't block our view.

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