Dream of: 05 June 2003 "Blood On The Floor"

In a car with several people on a highway. Traffic came to a halt. A police officer walked up to our car, ordered everybody out, put us all in custody, took us to police station, separated me from my other friends, and took me into a carpeted room with furniture. Other people were in the room. A black cop dressed in civilian clothes began working with me. He was probably in mid 30s. He was friendly but he wouldn't let me go. He had a printout containing my name and he was trying to determine if I were the same Steven Collier on the printout. He said there was a charge in Florida which concerned him. I told him I had moved around but that I had no outstanding charges against me. He handed me the printout and I began going over it. It was hard to read. It had about ten entries for the name "Steven Collier." I pointed out that the last three were clearly not me because they had different middle initials than mine.

About 20 other people were also in the room, including about 10 Hispanics sitting on a couch. I spoke to them in Spanish and they talked back. Many children were in the room. I asked the officer why there were so many kids. He said something about parents having problems with drugs and said something about marijuana houses. He was friendly when he talked to me.

I finally stood up and told them I wanted to go. I said I needed to return to my mother, who had Alzheimer's and who needed my attention. They paid me no mind. I told them I was a lawyer and that I knew my rights. Another tall thin officer was in the room. I said that unless I was under arrest I was going to leave. I headed for the door. The other officer stopped me and put handcuffs on my right hand. I proclaimed that I would file a court action against them for unlawful arrest. They had no reason for holding me and yet I was under arrest.

A fat parrot was on the floor. I tried to pet it but it rolled away. I was unsure it could even walk. I was afraid someone might step on it.

Part of the time we seemed to be sitting outside. A fight broke out near us. The officer jumped up to try to control it. He broke up the fight and began concentrating on those people.

Inside again, a woman sat next to me. On her lap was her daughter (about 15 years old). I noticed that the daughter had put her arm around me and had her hand close to my penis. I tried to position myself so her hand would touch my penis, but then I realized I was actually sitting on the lap of another man and that it was his hand. I pushed his hand away and when he put it back I scolded him and told him to remove it. He left.

Another woman sitting to my right was wearing a shirt with a string-tie top. The string got caught in my shirt. She tried to pull it out but couldn't. Her husky boyfriend (probably in his late 20s) was on the other side of her. He became angry and said something to me. Then he suddenly pulled out a pocket knife, opened it and swiped it through the air threatening me. In the process he hit my right little finger on the nail. I stood up and headed to the door. I walked out of the room into a neighboring room where the police were and announced that someone in the room had a knife. They rushed in. One officer began asking me about my wound. I looked at my finger. The nail was cut and a small amount of blood had started coming out. He asked me if blood had fallen on the floor. I said no, but he insisted. Apparently it was important to show that blood had hit the floor. I finally said I didn't know (even though I was sure no blood had hit the floor). I felt guilty about what I was saying because it wasn't the complete truth.

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