Dream of: 04 June 2003 "Runaway Star"

I was watching work being done on the Hill in New Boston my father was having the road worked on. Bulldozers were pushing dirt from higher spots into low spots, trying to level out the road. Obviously this was costing a lot of money. I had the feeling my father was thinking of stopping the operation because it was costing so much.


My father and I were standing in a room at the back of a large new house which he had built on top of the Hill in New Boston.  Through a long window on the front side of the room I could see down onto the Ohio River. On the other side of the room I could see through a door into the room at the front of the house. I caught some glimpses of the sun through the window and I said something to my father about wanting to go into the next room and look at the view.

A boy about 10 years old who was my brother was also in the room.

I walked into the next room and looked out the window. I needed a moment to grasp what I was seeing. What I had first thought was the sun wasn't the sun at all. Instead, a huge ball which somewhat resembled the sun was in the sky, closing in on the earth.

The surface of the ball looked like molten lava. Over orangish red lava floated dark patches of crusty black. The sight was spell-binding. What was it? My first thought was that it was a "runaway star." All around the edges of the object was thick black smoke. It seemed to be headed straight toward the earth; impact appeared to be imminent. How could this have happened so quickly? Was this the end of mankind?

I told my brother to turn on the television surely someone could give us some news about what this was. He turned on the television. A somber voice began describing the runaway star and the impending disaster. It looked as if the end of the earth had arrived.

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