Dream of: 30 May 2003 "Melancholy Expression"

I had spent the night in a room with hundreds of people. We were all stranded in the bottom floor of a high-rise office building in the downtown of a metropolis. We had all had to sleep on the floor, crowded in together.

When morning arrived we awoke and began to stir. Soon we were marching out the doors into the streets. We were all wearing the same dull brown shirts and pants. We all had the same melancholy expression.

The throng began crowding closer and closer together until I could hardly move. I reached for my billfold in my left back pocket it wasn't there. I reached to my front left pocket and found I had already moved the billfold there. What a relief. It would be easy for a pickpocket to take something in this crowd. I even began imagining how a pickpocket would reach his hand into a pocket and take the billfold.

I just wanted out of this crowd. I was still unsure of the reason we had been forced to spend the evening in the building.

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