Dream of: 29 May 2003 "Superman Memorabilia"

cling to your power however weak

I was in an office room with 20-30 other people sitting at desks. I was looking at a half dozen of my old bankruptcy cases in which I had been the attorney for the debtors and for which I had received notice of possible IRS debts. I wasn't actually working on those cases at the moment (instead I was performing part-time legal work for someone else), but I knew I needed to contact those clients and tell them about the notices.

Commotion erupted in the room and people began packing up their things. Gradually I learned that the whole operation was being shut down everyone was being laid off.

Someone accidentally knocked over a coke dispenser and books fell on top of it. Several people frantically tried to clean up the mess and tried to keep the coke from getting onto anything. One fellow was sweeping wet debris into a corner.

I busied myself with my own affairs. I had only been working there a short while and already I was moving on. Having become acquainted with some of the workers, I wondered if I would ever see them again. The others seemed to be taking the shut-down more in stride than I and I figured that they were probably used to being laid off and that they probably regularly moved from one part-time job to another. I, however, didn't like moving and I thought to myself, "This is no way to live."

I completed gathering together my few possessions. I would have to look for another job because I needed the money. I had been living extremely frugally lately, only spending money on necessities. I recalled having recently visited an old friend from my early college years, Steve Weinstein, and we hadn't even gone out to eat together. Usually when I would visit Steve we would go to a restaurant, but this time I hadn't felt as if I could afford it.

I had one large briefcase which contained a few Superman memorabilia which I had collected. I knew some people collected such stuff, so it was somewhat valuable. At least I still had that.

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