Dream of: 28 May 2003 "Internal Examination"

A man and his wife had taken their small baby son to a doctor to have some tests run. The baby was probably about a year old. The doctor had attached electrodes with wires running from them to different parts of the baby's body. Two electrodes were attached to the forehead, one over each eye.

In the course of the tests, something went wrong, and without any warning, the doctor pronounced the baby dead. I could hardly believe what I was seeing and hearing. What came next, however, shocked me.

I had the feeling that this procedure had misfired in the past, and other babies had died. In those cases (I had been given to believe) the dead baby's body was cut in half for an internal examination. Was that going to happen here? The baby was no longer sitting in the small chair where the procedure had been conducted. Instead, a pail was sitting on the floor next to the chair. I watched in horrified fascination as the doctor reached into the pail and pulled out the top half of the baby, sawed it in half right across the chest. There was practically no blood, more as if a tree had been sawed in half.

I just had to look, to try to see the internal organs; but I couldn't make out much. Was the family still in the room? Could they see their baby son, sawed in half, the son which had been alive only a few minutes ago? This was just too much to believe.

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