Dream of: 27 May 2003 "Skunk Attack"

As Carolina and I were walking along the edge of a park, a skunk ran by about ten feet from us. A second skunk ran out of a hedge followed by two baby skunks. The skunks were a bit strange because they were all black with no white.

Carolina and I began stepping back, not wanting to get too close to the skunks. I recalled that she and I had recently been walking in the park with Picasso and Picasso had been sprayed by a skunk; I certainly didn't want that to happen to us.

As we were backing up, a medium-sized short-haired, brown dog ran up to the skunks. My vision of the skunks was blocked for a moment by a bush; when I was able to see the skunks again, one had pulled the dog to the ground and was mauling it. I would have expected the opposite that the dog would have been stronger than the skunk. The skunk, however, was obviously getting the best of the dog.

I began to fear that the dog might be killed; I had to do something. I picked up a stick and threw it at the skunk. The stick hit the skunk, but seemed to have no effect. Instead, the other skunk (which appeared to be the mother skunk) turned toward Carolina and me and began approaching us. We continued backing up, the skunk kept coming.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my key chain, with my small canister of mace attached to it. When the skunk was only a few feet from us. I sprayed it in the face with the mace. The skunk seemed to be taking on human-like attributes. It seemed almost as tall as I and seemed to be standing up on its hind legs.

The mace seemed to have no effect. I sprayed again. It looked as if the skunk were licking the mace off its face with its tongue. The black fur of its face was saturated and dripping with the mace; but the mace seemed ineffective. The skunk, however, seemed to be hesitating; I thought we should be able to escape.

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