Dream of: 24 May 2003 "Trinity"

I was a woman. I resembled the actress Penelope Cruz about 30 years old tall, slender, black-haired. I was standing with another woman about my age in the backyard of a house. I was surprised to find that weeds were being cultivated. Different weeds were being grown in different sections of the yard. I couldn't understand the logic at first, but then decided the weeds were quite attractive. One tall weed which looked like ragweed seemed beautiful.

The other woman and I walked into the house, which seemed like the Gallia County Farmhouse. A man lived here. Outside bulldozers were widening the road at the bottom of the hill in back. I was amazed by how much dirt they could move and how fast.

The man who lived here was about 60 years old. I had only met him a few days before and hadn't had any relations with him. But now I was burning to have sex with him. I knew there were a few problems. He was a vicious Mafioso type. The other woman and I had already helped him commit a murder. And the other woman was already his lover. However, she understood that I was interested in the man and she didn't object. I thought the three of us could live here comfortably together.

The man stepped into the hallway where I was. I immediately made known my desire to go to bed with him. I no longer seemed like the first woman but now like Trinity (the character played the actress Carrie Ann Moss in the movie The Matrix). The man didn't want to go to bed now and was trying to put me off. I told him he had promised. He seemed to become a bit miffed by my pressuring; I knew I shouldn't go any further. He stepped back into his room.

Immediately all my desire disappeared. I no longer wanted to go to bed with him. I only wanted to escape. But now I saw a problem; since I had helped him with the murder, he probably wouldn't let me leave. Now, I might even have to kill him in order to be free.

I contemplated how I would do it. Probably in the bedroom. But if I shot him, I would have to thoroughly sanitize the room; and that wouldn't be easy. From crime shows on television I had come to realize how difficult it was to completely hide evidence of a murder. And I was still unsure the other woman would help me.

My imagination became very vivid. Suddenly I was in a huge domed room. Another person was on the other side of the room. I was uncertain whether the person was a man or woman; but the person was clearly my enemy. We both leaped into the air and remained floating facing each other. The room seemed to be devoid of gravity. We stared at each other. Then I began flying toward her. I aimed my head at her and pulled my legs up behind me over my head, like a scorpion. I began flying straight toward her, intending to hit her with my feet.

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