Dream of: 22 May 2003 "Unabashed Nudity"

I was watching a television show. The scene on the screen seemed to be taking place in a women's dressing room. Three beautiful women were sitting on stools in front of small cosmetic desks topped with large mirrors. All the women were in their underwear, and one with her back to the camera was nude from the waist up.

I looked at her more closely: she was slowly turning her face and body toward the camera. Was she going to show her breasts? This was network television! I had heard that the networks had loosened their rules and were now allowing a certain amount of nudity but this was hard to believe!

The woman continued turning around until her breasts were completely revealed they were magnificent! Full firm breasts hard to imagine their being more perfect. Where did such beautiful women come from? She was blonde (probably in her late 20s). Her breasts were like a magnet I couldn't take my eyes away.

The camera moved to another gorgeous woman sitting in the room. This woman's breasts were still covered, but by a thin transparent gown which allowed her breasts likewise to be seen. Was she also going to remove her gown?

A tall black-haired woman entered the room and sat down. She likewise was wearing a thin gown over mesmerizing breasts. She sat down and faced the camera. All the women were now facing the camera and appeared to be waiting for someone to enter the room. The black-haired woman began adjusting her gown, then pulled down the top below her breasts, completely exposing them. Everyone now seemed ready for the person they were expecting to enter.

I was amazed. Television had certainly changed. I had heard of a few nude scenes being allowed, but this was complete unabashed nudity. I liked it.

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