Dream of: 21 May 2003 "Stray Dog"

I was in the back yard of the brick ranch-style house where Carolina and I were living. Along the side of the yard ran an alley where two women appeared to be searching for something. One of the women stepped into the back yard and asked me if I had seen a dog. The woman was about 30 years old, thin and dressed in white. She mentioned the kind of dog, but I didn't quite understand her. I told her I hadn't seen anything.

When I looked down the alley, however, I saw two large Weimaraners. I pointed the dogs out to the woman and asked her if she were looking for Weimaraners. Overjoyed, she turned in the direction of the dogs just as they ran into the yard. She grabbed and hugged them both.

Along with the Weimaraners was another large dog of no particular breed. As the woman gathered the Weimaraners together and headed back toward the alley, I asked her if the other dog belonged to her. She said it didn't; I concluded that the other dog was a stray with no place to go. The dog walked over to me and wanted to play. It grabbed my ankle in its mouth as if it were biting me but it was only playing.

The dog turned its attention to a small tree growing in the back yard. The dog jumped toward the branches of the tree as if trying to grab something. I spotted the reason: a birds nest was propped in the fork of some branches. I immediately stopped the dog.

Carolina walked out the back door into the yard. I pointed out the bird's nest and asked if she had seen it before; she hadn't. I told her the dog had been trying to knock out the nest so he could eat the eggs quite a resourceful dog. I figured he probably lived on the streets and had learned to get food any way he could.

I wished I could keep the dog. Obviously he was trying to convince me to let him stay. I wished I could keep many dogs. I felt so sorry for all the stray dogs which had no home. I could just imagine myself with a hundred dogs. 

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