Dream of: 07 May 2003 "Exertion Of Will"

I was in a small dirt parking lot, standing behind a car. Someone opened a gate to the lot and let in a medium-sized black dog obviously a watch dog. I hollered out that I was there perhaps the dog was dangerous. A fellow held the dog and let me walk out. He was probably in his late 20s, thin and gawky. He told me I would have to go to jail for having been in the car lot. I pointed out that the parking lot was in the middle of a fair and was simply surrounded by a single strand of wire which I had stepped over; I hadn't known it was illegal to enter the parking lot. The fellow was unremitting. He said I must go to a jail which was on the outskirts of town. He said that when I was released I should be able to catch a ride from the jail back to town. That didn't sound good to me. If I were released, I would rather wait in jail all night and leave the next morning. I asked him if he were talking about being released for good or being released on bail; but he didn't answer.

Suddenly my mother showed up. She looked about 70 years old, with white hair. She was wearing a jacket. I remembered she was supposed to come and get me so now she was there. Some other men stepped up and began leading me off. I managed to tell her that I had been arrested. I felt sorry for her. She seemed confused and uncertain what to do.

I was forcefully led off to a small room where the original fellow with the dog was standing by a window. Left alone with him, I began pleading with him to allow me to go. I offered him $20.00. He made a mention of $50.00. I pulled out $50.00 and handed it to him. He took the money and walked out of the room.

Now was my chance. I slipped through a side door and walked back into the fairgrounds. People were mingling all around. I needed to leave immediately; but where was my mother? I couldn't leave her there. I called out her name asking if anyone had seen Betty Collier. Then I saw her; she was standing in the crowd about ten meters from me. I hurried to her. She was smiling, still disoriented, but happy to see me.

I led her over to a chair a very unusual chair. I knew that if we would both sit in this chair, I could make it fly. The chair had no legs it was sitting with its seat on the ground. I sat down and she sat down behind me. I pushed my legs out in front of me. I needed to hurry before anyone saw me. The chair had no controls, except a couple of buttons on the side. It was controlled simply by my will. I began willing the chair to move. Slowly we began moving forward along the ground. But we needed to rise into the air. I pressed a button, exerted my will, and we began slowly rising into the air, taking off flying

We quickly picked up speed, moving higher above the fairgrounds. I didn't have complete control, but I managed well enough to continue rising into the air and picking up speed. My mother held on tight behind me. Up ahead stood two trees. We were headed toward their topmost branches; but right in the middle of them was an open space which I headed toward. With utmost exertion of my will I headed toward the open space picked up speed and swiiiish we passed through. As soon as we were above the trees I felt enormous relief. We had escaped and I felt free. Exhilaration flooded over me.

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