Dream of: 02 May 2003 "Taut And Alluring"

While I was in a grocery store with an old frail woman who was my grandmother, I saw Louise walking out of the store, pushing a shopping cart; I wished I had seen her earlier to talk with her. Her mother Vivian was with her. (I thought Louise must live here in the same neighborhood as I and maybe we would meet again here in the store). Louise looked about 40 years old and Vivian looked about 60. They looked as if they hadn't been aging much over the years. I wished I could talk with Louise.

I walked outside and saw the car Louise was boarding. I thought about how she could hire someone to do her shopping for her; but apparently she liked doing a few mundane tasks. I wondered what kind of car she had it looked old. I walked closer. She was still getting into the car. She saw me and stopped. I walked up to her and we began talking. The first thing I said was, "You look great." I was being flattering. She looked good but had definitely aged slightly. Still her body seemed firm and she hadn't become flabby. She sat down next to the car. She was wearing something off-white. Black hair. Pretty. She said she had become hard. I commented that she didn't seem happy, that she did indeed seem hard. Indeed, she seemed quite unhappy. (She didn't smile the entire time I was with her). She also obviously seemed alone, as if she were no longer married. (She looked at my face. I wondered if she noticed the rash I had over my right eye). I also wondered if she had read any of the dreams I had had about her over the years and which I had posted on my web site. Would she object to the dreams? I decided it would be best not to bring up the subject.

She lay down on the concrete beside the car. I was surprised when I saw that she had pulled down her pants and pulled up her top. She was wearing tight-fitting blue panties, but no bra. Her breasts were small and firm; her body taut. Very alluring, but I wasn't aroused. She seemed to suddenly realize her behavior was inappropriate and she pulled her clothes back on.

I stepped away for a moment to my grandmother, sitting nearby in a chair. I asked my grandmother if she minded waiting a while longer. She was agreeable and said she didn't mind. I returned to Louise and sat down on the ground with my back to her car. She moved closer to me and sat down next to me. I put my arm around her. I felt good to be next to her again. She asked me about the movies, if any good movies were playing now. I told her I hadn't seen any movies lately, but I added that I would like to go. She asked me if I would like to go with her. I couldn't believe it. I blurted out that I would like to go with her. To myself I thought we should go as soon as possible, before she changed her mind. I blurted that we could go tonight.

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