Dream of: 01 May 2003 "Flying Against The Wind"

I was standing at the bottom of a hill on the banks of the Ohio River at Portsmouth. On top of the hill was a flat area where several people were gathered listening to my father giving a sermon he was a preacher. From where I was standing at the bottom of the hill my father who had dark black hair looked to be in his mid 30s.

I decided to fly up to the others. Standing vertically, I began rising into the air, flying toward the top of the hill. But just as I was near the top I realized a strong wind was blowing along the river; the wind caught me; I tried to fly against it toward the top of the hill, but the wind was too strong and it carried me away from the hill, out over the water, and west over the river. I wasn't out of control; I could still manage to fly; but I couldn't go against the wind and back toward my father. I continued flying over the river, moving west.

Ahead of me was a small boat with a fisherman. I flew in close. The fisherman had hooked an extremely large fish which he was hauling into the boat. The fish was almost as big as the man. The fisherman saw me, but he was too preoccupied with his catch to pay me much mind. I flew on past.

Flying invigorated me. I felt in control I had flown many times. Nevertheless, being out here high above the water, was dangerous I headed back toward shore.

I landed in the west end of Portsmouth. Near me stood a small building which seemed to be made of glass, something like an enclosed bus stop. Several young menacing-looking men were standing in the building. I walked inside they began leaving.

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