Dream of: 29 April 2003 "Stranded Whales"

I was looking out over the fields behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. The area had been flooded. Muddy brown water was all the way up over the garden area. Black whales and porpoises could be seen in the water, probably 30-40 of them. I had no idea where they had come from. I quickly saw a problem: the water was beginning to recede the whales would be left stranded.

The water receded quickly. Soon three of the larges whales were lying in the garden area out of the water. How could I save them? They needed to have their skin moistened. I needed help. Perhaps I could get a news crew out here and people from the community would come to help. But there was no time for that. Maybe I could move them with a tractor. But I was afraid I would injure them. They needed to be brought down to the little creek  behind the house; then they could swim down the creek to Symmes creek. Some of the smaller porpoises and whales were already in the little creek; maybe those at least would reach Symmes creek.

I walked over to the front of the hill and looked down on Symmes creek. Some people were swimming in the creek. I walked down to the edge of Symmes creek and asked the people if they could come and help me move the whales. It seemed that one porpoise was already in the water with them so they knew what I was talking about. They seemed willing to oblige. There were about ten young fellows in the water. I headed back up the hill. Some big rocks were in the way. I had to climb over some boulders. I dislodged a couple because they were loose and let them roll back down the hill. I hollered first to make sure no one would be hit. Those were dangerous. When I reached the top I again looked over Symmes creek, contemplating how the whales could live  there. Could the whales live in fresh water if they were used to sea water? And what about in the water how could the whales breathe through the ice? They would have to keep breaking the ice. Would they be able to do that? The Farm definitely didn't look like the best place for whales to live; but it might be possible.

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