Dream of: 28 April 2003 "Unexpected Words"

I was in a room with Roleen (a girl with whom I attended Portsmouth High School in the late 1960s) and another woman (each about 30 years old). I had been seeing Roleen off and on for a couple weeks. We were upstairs in a house where Roleen's mother lived in Portsmouth, Ohio. I asked Roleen if she had seen Marjean (a schoolmate  from high school), but Roleen didn't seem to know anything about Marjean. I told Roleen I had seen Wood (another former schoolmate) at a recent class reunion (I recalled that Roleen used to be married to Wood); but then I corrected myself and said I hadn't actually been to the reunion, but that someone had sent me a picture of Wood over the internet and I had recently been looking at the picture.

Roleen and I lay down on the floor next to each other and began kissing. She whispered in my ear, "I love you." I was surprised to hear her unexpected words and I didn't know quite how to react. So I whispered back, "I love you too." We sat back up. I was confused. Should I have said that? I was uncertain I wanted to start a deep relationship at the present; but maybe she was not that serious, and it didn't matter much anyway.

I talked to both women and the conversation turned to drugs. I recalled that I used to do drugs when I had known them during high school. I told them I had used drugs for about four years during that time; but then I had suddenly stopped. I told them I didn't know if the drugs had left any long term effects on me. Over the next 30 years I had hardly used drugs at all.

Nevertheless, just today I happened to have acquired a baggie of marijuana which I pulled from my pocket. Both girls looked as if they would like to smoke some. I laid the baggie on the floor and asked if they had any rolling papers. They said they did. I got ready to roll us up a joint. I was uncertain I should, especially since I thought Roleen's mother was downstairs; but I was going to anyway.

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