Dream of: 23 April 2003 "Brand New Helicopter"

I had decided to visit Donna, whom I hadn't seen in quite a long while. I boarded the helicopter which my father had recently given me and I took off. After a short flight, I landed in a field which lay next to an enclosed area, something like a baseball stadium, where Donna was playing golf. After debarking the helicopter, I walked inside the stadium and found Donna with another fellow, busily hitting golf balls. She looked different a bit harder. She saw me, but hardly acknowledged my presence. We exchanged a few words obviously she wasn't happy to see me; she even seemed displeased by my presence. Not wanting to intrude where I wasn't wanted, I turned and walked back out of the stadium.

She followed me out a few paces behind me. What would she think when she saw my helicopter? There it was in front of us brand new, snazzy-red, it looked more like a fancy sports car. Surely she must be impressed. Taking her for a ride would have been exciting; but, that obviously wasn't going to happen.

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