Dream of: 13 April 2003 "The New Key"

I was in a Radio Shack store, having a new key made. After I had received my new dull bronze key, I continued looking around the store, bought an item and prepared to leave. Just as the store clerk handed me my receipt for the item I had purchased, he said I was being asked to stay a few minutes while the surveillance tape on me was checked.

I could hardly believe my ears; I asked the clerk what he was talking about. He pointed to another clerk who had made the request. I looked at the other fellow a short black-haired man. I recalled that once before when I had been in this store the fellow had caused me problems. I was enraged; I immediately confronted the man. He said simply that he needed to check the tape, that it looked as if I had taken something. Outraged, I asked someone to tell me who was the manager for the day. The person pointed to an office and I huffed toward it.

The door to the office was open. I looked inside; a man was sitting behind a desk; in the room were perhaps 20 folding chairs with people sitting in them. It looked as if a training session for new employees were taking place. As I stood in the doorway and waited, I slipped my hand in my pocket, felt something and pulled out the key which had been made for me. In a flash I realized what had happened: I had forgotten to pay for the key.

An intense sick feeling overwhelmed me: the clerk had been right I had taken something without paying. I was trapped; jumbles of thoughts flooded me. I began playing out numerous scenarios in my mind of how I could get out of this. 

In one scenario I went to the manger and explained the truth of what had happened: I had simply put the key in my pocket and had forgotten to pay. Even the clerk who had given me the key had forgotten to charge me. The manager listened attentively and then explained to the little clerk that I was a good customer and that I should now be allowed to pay.

In another scenario I walked into the restroom and dropped the key in the back of the commode in the water receptacle; no one could find it to accuse me.

In yet another scenario I was eating a bag of candy; when no one was watching, I put the key in the candy bag. No one saw what I had done and I was able to leave without being charged. 

In a fourth scenario the surveillance tape showed nothing. The little clerk was shown how the camera had been aimed at some mirrors; but I had moved the mirrors so the camera didn't pick me up when I had put the key in my pocket. The clerk examined the mirrors, trying to determine how to avoid the problem in the future.

Even though I was trying to find a way out of this fix, I still felt sick and afraid that I would be charged with a crime; even though I knew I had had no intention to steal the key, I just felt sick.

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