Dream of: 12 April 2003 "House Cleaning"

I was inside my Cabin, up in the eaves, cleaning them out. I found leaves and pebbles which I threw down on the floor. I also discovered some cracks which I thought I would be able to easily caulk later.

As I began climbing down, I noticed some pictures hanging on the walls. Among the pictures were two elliptical puzzles which had been put together and hung. The puzzles were small about the size of the palm of my hand. A picture of Brian was on one of the puzzles. I wanted to keep it.

Another picture, which wasn't a puzzle, showed me standing on a platform high in the trees. I recalled that this picture had been taken in a nearby area. I also recalled that the place was rather scary because the platforms were so high. I knew of other places which weren't so intimidating. Nevertheless, I liked the area with the platforms, which could be reached by rope ladders.

I climbed on down to the floor and sat on the bed. A car pulled right into the room. A man and woman stepped out of the car and laid something on the bed. It looked as if it might be a CD player or something new like that. The man told the woman to move the item away from me, that it was bothering me. He was right: it was bothering me, but I said, "I didn't say anything."

The woman threw a smashed colorful cereal box to the other side of the bed. Was the cereal box for their child? Did the woman collect cereal boxes? I reflected that I also had collected some cereal boxes. I was a little ashamed at the notion. One was even sitting at the headboard of my bed. I needed to get rid of my cereal boxes.

I picked up an 8-track tape which had a picture of Popeye the Sailor on the front; or was it a video? Was it just a cartoon? I probably needed to get rid of it too. It was time for a thorough house cleaning.

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