Dream of: 10 April 2003 "The List"

I had prepared a list of things which were bothering me. Seven items were on the list. At the top was "Masturbation." Also on the list were "Death" and "Evil Angels."

A man who looked like the actor Michael Caine (about 50 years old) had been acting as my mentor. He wanted to see the list, but I hesitated to show it to him. I was particularly ashamed of the word "Masturbation." Nevertheless, I handed the list to him.

He looked at the first word, "Masturbation." From his reaction, I could tell he thought that this wasn't a serious problem and that it could be handled quite easily. As he read down the list, however, he seemed a bit more concerned, as if the more esoteric problems might not be handled as easily.

He took the list and put it in some device like a fax machine and sent it off. I didn't know where the list was going; but I was relieved to know that the man was helping me.


Some time later, I was sitting at a round table when the same man walked into the room. Across from me was an empty chair with a fax machine sitting on it. The man walked up to the chair, picked up the fax machine and carelessly moved it to the side. He then sat down.

Although he was the same man, he looked completely different. Now he looked like the actor Gene Wilder. And our roles were now reversed: now I was the mentor and he was the person with the problems.

I brought up the subject of the list. He looked at me incredulously, as if he didn't know what I was talking about. I told him that he himself had faxed the list to someone, so he should remember it. Still, he didn't seem to remember. I could see that I was going to need some patience if I were going to help this fellow.

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