Dream of: 02 April 2003 "Logan's Run"

As I was sitting in a graveyard, I took out paper and pen and began writing. The words didn't flow easily I labored to set the ink to paper. Slowly a couple paragraphs emerged; a story about my recently deceased mother began coming to life. The narrative was sentimental (tears appeared in my eyes) yet strangely griping. I did seem to have somewhat of a talent for writing. What good, however, was such skill? What kind of job could I find? Maybe working for a newspaper writing daily stories. Even Carolina had been able to do that and English wasn't even her first language.

Carolina walked up and sat down beside me. I showed her what I had written. She was happy to see it. She seemed to be concerned that I hadn't been writing much lately. She suggested that I could use what I had just written for the writing class which I had been taking. She was right. I had forgotten about the class. An assignment was due soon, and I hadn't completed it. I could simply sit there and continue writing all day. I had to admit that writing gave me an exquisite feeling not the job of writing, but the finished product. I felt so happy when I had completed something.


My mother and another woman were sitting in a room with me. I was still writing. I was contemplating using what I had written as an episode in a television series called "Logan's Run." I had only seen a few episodes of the series, but I thought what I was writing could handily be turned into an episode. My mother agreed. She seemed weak and haggard. She suggested that I watch an episode every week to get a better feel of the show. I rudely brushed off her suggestion I didn't have time to wait for weeks, watching only one show a week. (To myself I thought the show actually appeared every day on a certain channel, so I could watch several episodes in a week, if I wanted to); but I didn't want to waste time watching it. I just wanted to write.

I continued writing.

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