Dream of: 01 April 2003 "Richard II"

some are born while

others are called into the

highest worlds of art

I was sitting in a capacious room with a stage area on one side a nightclub ambience. Sitting next to me was Ramo (an old friend from my high school years). I was telling Ramo how I belonged to an amateur band, and how the band had recently been performing on stage here. I explained, however, that I was tired of the band and that I wanted to move on to a different endeavor: acting.

I specifically wanted to act in plays by William Shakespeare. I even had a play in mind: Richard II, and I had been made aware of a theater where I might be able to pursue my ambition. The theater seemed experimental I might have to do all the parts in the play myself.

Moving on to Shakespeare from my band seemed positive. In so doing, I would meet a new group of people. The denizens of this club probably knew nothing of Shakespeare, much less Richard II. I was ready to make the move.

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