Dream of: 30 March 2003 "Purloined Bible"

Carolina and I were traveling; we had arrived in a small town and were walking through a room of an old building in the downtown area. The dark spacious room was cluttered with various objects; apparently a store of some sort had done business here, but seemed to now be abandoned.

I came across a couple photo albums stuffed with old pictures probably more than 100 years old. The pictures fascinated me should I take them? I picked up the two albums and continued looking around. In the top drawer of a desk I discovered another more elaborate and fancy album, also filled with old pictures. I picked it up. Carolina walked up to me and I pointed out some of the pictures. I hesitated to take the albums maybe they contained the history of some local family. Nevertheless, Carolina and I walked out of the store, the albums still in my hands.

We needed to find the bus station. I wanted to leave town as quickly as possible, especially now that I had the pictures. As we walked down a little street, I noticed a blue suitcase lying open in the street. Inside the suitcase lay open an old Bible, in excellent condition. The Bible appeared to be someone's heirloom; but had someone abandoned it here in the middle of the street? I wanted the Bible but should I take it.

A car had pulled up in the street and the driver seemed to be waiting for me to pick up the suitcase so he could pass. I obliged. I picked up and closed the suitcase, with the Bible still inside. The suitcase had wheels and a little strap so I was able to pull it. Carolina and I continued on.

I glanced back at the door of the shop from which I had taken the pictures. Someone was carrying a tall piece of furniture made of brown wood into the building; so it was a store! Should I take the pictures back?

We anxiously continued walking to the corner. Here we found a circular hub from which seven or eight streets branched out like the spokes of the wheel. I didn't know which way to go. A black man was standing nearby. I stepped up to him and asked if he could tell us where the bus station was. He hesitated, seeming to indicate that the bus station was rather far away. I asked if he could simply point us in the right direction. I figured we could ask someone else when we were closer. He began giving us directions.

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