Dream of: 26 March 2003 "Floor"

I was hurrying through an underground area, something like a subway tunnel, only with no subways, more like an extended basement of a mammoth building. I had to take several turns through the twisting labyrinth of passages. A woman who appeared to be lost began following, apparently hoping I knew my way. I did. Finally I emerged onto a drab city street. The woman also stepped out of the subterranean world.

Once I was on the street, I immediately began rising into the air until I was floating about 10 meters off the ground. My floating was involuntary; I was barely able to control my motion. However, when I finally leveled off, I felt as if I could at least maintain my position and move forward, albeit jerkily.

Some other people were flying near me a man and two women (probably in their late 20s). They were in much better control of their flying they seemed to know what they were doing. Thus I was embarrassed when I began bumping into them, unable to control my flying well enough to keep from hitting them. The man seemed perturbed; but the two women didn't seem to mind; and when I managed to veer away from them, one of the women followed me.

As she and I floated along together, she seemed to want to help me. She suggested that instead of flying above ground, we might go fly underground, in the basements of some large buildings. I told her that this town only had one building with a basement large enough in which to fly, and that building was quite some distance from here. She maintained, however, that many buildings in the city housed large basements. She even gave the name of one of the buildings, a building called "Floor." I had never heard of it.

She offered to guide me and together we flew off through the city streets, with towering buildings on both sides of us. As we flew together, I began having extremely intense feelings for the woman. When we finally cruised to a stop in a street with skyscrapers on both sides of us, I blurted out to the woman that I loved her.

We looked at each other. She looked exactly like the actress Elizabeth McGovern (in her late 20s). Does she understand what I'm saying? I wasn't even certain I understood; and I didn't know whether I should be telling someone I had just met that I loved her. Nevertheless, I thought I was doing the right thing I had undergone a transformation and I wanted to spend my life with her.

My emotions were doing flip-flops. I was experiencing some of the most immense joy I had ever had in my life. Seconds later I was cast into the deepest misery. Back and forth my emotions bounced.

Still hovering about thirty feet off the ground, I leaned toward her to kiss her. She didn't stop me. Our mouths pressed against each. We kissed. Was she feeling the same as I?

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