Dream of: 25 March 2003 "Exhibitionist"

Four men, including myself, were sitting in a room, watching television. One was my father; the other two were friends of mine (both friends had black hair). Unexpectedly, Carolina (in her mid 20s) walked into the room and stood in front of the television. In front of everyone, she pulled down her pants, displaying her luxuriant black pubic region. I looked at my father and commented sarcastically, "We needed that."

Carolina pulled up her pants and stepped away; but a few moments later, she returned, and again stood in front of the television. She repeated her action, pulling down her pants, again revealing her lush pubic region.  She began swaying, as if dancing, and with her pants still down, she raised her top, revealing her ample enticing breasts. I felt awkward, witnessing the erotic display in front of my father and my friends. Yet I felt strangely aroused.

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