Dream of: 24 March 2003 "Tranquil Sea"

As I was viewing a video tape, a scene emerged which resembled a painting. On the screen, a nude woman was reclining, with her back propped up, between two white columns, which rose at both ends of the picture. Behind her spread a tranquil sea. She had long black hair.

I needed to stop this video immediately I was in the home of one of my family members, and if anyone saw this, they would be offended. With a computer mouse I was able to point to different parts of the picture. I thought if I pointed to the right part, I would be able to continue on to the next scene of the movie, which didn't contain such explicit material.

However, when I pointed the mouse to the right and left of the two columns, pictures of more women could be seen. These women were also nude, although their features were barely distinguishable. They had been stylistically painted and were hardly more than abstractions. Nevertheless, I didn't want anyone to see these images either, and I continued trying to reach the next scene.

My sister (about 25 years old) walked into the room. She had long brown hair. She saw the scene naked women and made a disparaging remark and said I should turn it off before someone else saw it. Having spoken, she walked out of the room and I continued trying to move to the next scene.

I heard my sister's voice again she had returned; she was standing behind me. Apprehensive, I turned around to look at her. I was dumbfounded by what I saw. She was standing in front of me, nude from the waist up. She crossed her arms below her breasts and made no effort to cover herself. I starred at the nipples of her small pert breasts. She looked away from me, as if at some distant object. Continuing to rake her breasts with my eyes, I mumbled, "Can I at least look at these."

As she submitted her tacit permission I could feel my passion rising.

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