Dream of: 19 March 2003 "Flying Horses"

I was flying high in the sky; green fields spread far below. Perhaps a dozen other people were flying nearby. We were supposed to be in formation; I however was having difficulty. I was flying too fast and zoomed past the others. I banked to the left, turned in a circle, and cruised back into the end of the formation.

At first I had been unsure what I was flying and had surmised that I might be in a helicopter. Now however, I could see the others more clearly we were all flying on horses! One rider (probably in his early 20s) galloped past me on a dark horse. Shirtless, he had brown skin and black hair, clearly Hispanic. He obviously knew what he was doing he knew how to make his flying horse gallop. I could only hold on and allow my horse to travel at its own pace; I had almost no control. Nevertheless, I was now riding smoothly and was managing to keep up with the others. I was not afraid; but I was not able to relish the experience either I was simply concentrated on staying afloat.

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