Dream of: 14 March 2003 (3) "Abashed"

I was in a bit of daze. I had been hired as an attorney in a large law firm and I was still acclimating myself to the place. I didn't like it. The place seemed more like a hospital than a law firm. I wandered through the halls, encountering people dressed like patients in flimsy night-clothes. I had a room somewhere; I was sharing it with two or three other people; we had beds, not desks. I need to return there.

I reached a lounge area where numerous people were standing or sitting at round tables talking. I was glad to spot Louise in the room. I knew she was a member of the firm. What would she think when she saw me? Surely she would be surprised to learn I had joined her firm.

I lolled up to her. She looked to be in her mid 30s. Well-dressed in a snappy flowered dress, she barely acknowledged my presence when I approached her. She didn't seem surprised to see me: she must have already heard I had joined the firm. We exchanged a few words. I told her I didn't like it here. She seemed unconcerned and unceremoniously took her leave.

I felt abashed. I thought she might have showed some emotion; but she seemed to have no feelings at all toward me.

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