Dream of: 08 March 2003 "Red-Ruby Earrings"

I had arrived at a large frame house where several people were gathered. As I circulated through the house, I overheard someone talking about my step-mother and how my step-mother had obtained some jewelry which she intended to keep. This bit of news disturbed me, because I thought I had a claim on the jewelry in question.

I recalled that I had found two pieces of jewelry, and that I had given both pieces to my step-mother in the belief that she might find the rightful owners. One piece of jewelry had been a set of sliver red-ruby earrings; I could still clearly see the earrings in my mind's eye. Apparently my step-mother hadn't found the owners of the jewelry and instead, had decided to appropriate the jewelry to herself.

I walked through the house, searching for my step-mother. I ran into ex-step-mother Kay's son, Jamie (about 15 years old), and I asked about his mother. He told me she was visiting this area and was staying at a location not far away. I thought I would like to see her.

I continued on, looking for my step-mother. Finally I spotted her in one of the rooms, sitting and talking with several people. After I signaled to her from the doorway, she stood up and walked out to me.

As we started walking through the house together, I realized I was not walking with my step-mother, but with Kay. Kay had been the one who had appropriated the jewelry!

What should I do? My mind was a bit of a muddle; I thought Kay might have also committed insurance fraud by keeping the jewelry. It now seemed as if Kay might have lost the jewelry and received an insurance payment for the value of the jewelry. When I had returned the jewelry to Kay, she had kept it without returning the insurance money. The facts, however, were unclear to me, and the idea of turning someone in for insurance fraud ran against my nature. I doubted I would go that far.

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