Dream of: 03 March 2003 "Lenin"

I was in a law school class packed with students, waiting for the professor to enter. We were all standing; on my right stood a woman whom I had been dating; both of us were probably in our late 20s. The woman and I were standing so close, our faces were touching. I moved my mouth down to her neck and gently nibbled her skin. What would the other students think of such a public display of affection? What did it matter? I had fallen in love with the woman and I didn't care who knew.

I looked at the woman's face: she wasn't a beautiful woman. Yet, to me, she did seem beautiful. It was odd how perception could so radically be altered by emotion.

The professor entered the room. He was a wiry man (about 60 years old) dressed in a light-gray suit. He immediately made an approving comment about the relationship of the woman and me. I was thankful for his approval. He walked among the standing students; everyone seemed to like him. He was also a bit of an artist. Someone asked him to draw a picture of the Russian leader Vladimir Lenin. The professor pulled out a large piece of white paper and began drawing a caricature in black ink.


The woman and I had left the class and were riding in a car which only appeared to have two seats, one in the front and one in the back. I was in the front seat and she was sitting behind me. I was becoming a bit concerned about our relationship because the subject of marriage had arisen; I was unsure I was ready to be married, especially since I was still married to Carolina. Thus I was relieved when the woman told me she couldn't marry me yet, because she was still married to Fulkerson, a fellow law student (with whom I went to law school in the early 1980s). I questioned her further, and she revealed that her marriage to Fulkerson was her third marriage. Her statement seemed to take a bit of the glow off her beauty three marriages seemed a bit much. But of course I had been married twice, so we weren't that much different. Nevertheless, I was glad I wouldn't have to think about getting married again immediately.

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