Dream of: 23 February 2003 "Focusing My Will-Power"

I was in Portsmouth, walking north on Scioto Trail, the main north-west artery through town. Why don't I fly instead of walking? I stopped and began willing myself to rise into the air, about a foot above the ground. Once I was airborne I began heading north again, faster than before, picking up speed as I traveled.

I had almost reached the northern edge of town; the Stag Bar was just ahead. Maybe I should stop and pick up a six pack. Between me and the Stag were four small children (5-6 years old). As I approached them, I worried that they were in the street; would they start concentrating on me a flying man and be hit by a car? I rose higher. Now I was a bit too high (7-10 meters above ground) and I was losing some control. I had experienced this same loss of control on previous flights, when I would soar too high.

I hollered to the children to get out of the street. They moved back onto the curve. Once I was past them, I swooped back down close to the ground again, floating about a foot off the ground.

I'll just float into the Stag without touching the ground that should impress anyone in there. I passed through the door, still floating, and hovered in front of the bar. Several patrons inside. The woman behind the bar called me "Steve." Do I know her? I don't recognize her. She had black hair and was probably in her mid 40s. I told her I wanted a six-pack. She gave it to me, I paid her, then floated back outside.

I was also carrying a couple books. I adjusted the six-pack on the books so I could hold everything in one hand. Then I looked south down the vista of Scioto Trail. I'll fly back down the Trail. This time I'm going to try to fly faster. I should at least be able to travel as fast as the cars, at least 50 kilometers per hour.

I began preparing to take off. How do I do it? It must be a matter of using my will power and simply commanding myself to fly faster. Now that I was thinking about it, however, I seemed unable to even move. I just hovered above the ground, not going anywhere. How do I control my flying? I tried to exert my will power. Nothing. I wasn't even sure I could stay afloat much longer.

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