Dream of: 21 February 2003 "Dead Bodies"

Carolina and I had left Ohio and with our two young children had begun driving south. We hadn't been headed anywhere in particular; I had suggested we visit Panama Beach along the Gulf of Mexico. I had recalled the last time we had been to the enticing white sand there.

Before we could reach the beach, however, disaster had struck: a police officer had pulled us over and kidnapped all four of us. He had taken us to his home, where a second police officer was waiting. Since the officers had obviously meant to do us harm, when I had seen my chance, I had killed both of them.

Now, I was scurrying about the house, trying to make sure we would leave nothing behind which might be used to identify us. Had we touched anything? Were we leaving fingerprints?

I heard someone at the front door. Sliding along the wall, I slipped toward the door until I could see a small black boy about six years old standing there. What did he want? I waited nervously until he walked away. I hurried to the door and tried to latch the hook lock; but before I could finish, a man walked up to the door. Not having time to get away, I stood in the door-way and greeted him.

He was a friend of the police officer who lived here. He looked at me askance and asked about the police officer. When I replied that the officer was not here at the moment, the fellow asked who I was, and then asked if I were from San Francisco. I quickly inferred that the police officer had been gay and that this fellow thought I was a gay friend of the police officer. I responded that I was indeed from San Francisco. The fellow gave me a knowing look, then turned and walked away.

Relieved, I turned back into the house. We needed to hurry. Where would we go? How long before a search for us began? How long before the bodies would be found?

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