Dream of: 14 February 2003 "Decapitated Snake"

I stepped out of the apartment where I was living and found a mottled shorthaired brown dog about a half meter long standing in front of  me. The dog appeared to be lost did it live nearby? I followed it around the corner until I lost sight of it. When I heard a bark behind a fence, I looked over the fence and saw a small snow-white poodle (with something pink around its neck) running in the yard behind the fence. Obviously the poodle was lost I should try to find its owner.

I moved close enough to the poodle to read a phone number on its collar. I pulled out the cell phone which I was carrying and dialed. A gruff man's voice came on the line and I began explaining that I had found the poodle. The man began talking to a woman in the background. I looked again at the poodle; next to the poodle was a curled up snake with its head cut off. The snake, even minus a head, was still writhing and was large probably a meter long. I feared the snake might still be able to wrap itself around the  poodle.

I looked around for someone to help me confront the snake. When I looked back at the snake, I was shocked to see that a small girl, probably about three years old was trying to touch the snake. She had her hand wrapped around the snake's body. I reacted at once and started to move around the fence (I had been looking over the fence all this time). Something however was holding me back. I looked behind me and saw that the brown dog had grabbed the bottom of my blue jacket in its mouth and was pulling it. A man was standing nearby. I screamed to him that a girl was in danger on the other side of the fence. He didn't seem concerned. I pulled on my jacket, desperately trying to free myself so I could help the girl.

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